ELDORADO - lille3000 / 27 AVR › 01 DEC 2019


Would you like to get involved in the preparation of the Eldorado edition and live in a privileged way this adventure?

Become a lille3000 Ambassador!

  • Stay informed of all events that are previewing,
  • Be the privileged relay of the Eldorado edition with your entourage,
  • Participate actively in the preparation of the festive events (collaborative artistic projects, accompaniment and reception) in Lille and in Metropolis,
  • Be at the heart of the opening parade of April 27, 2019,
  • Get preferential rates and special party invitations!
Our ambassador Melissa Castañeda, a student at the University of Lille, has become an interpreter for Mexican artists in Eldorado press conference!

Since Lille 2004, hundreds of ambassadors join us in the lille3000 adventure. Present throughout the year and at the heart of the organization at major events, Ambassadors contribute to the success of lille3000 events!


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