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During October, the public was invited to discover the power of the Mexican imagination and the influence it has always exerted. In partnership with the Museum of Popular Art of Mexico City (MAP), workshops led by Mexican artists Amauri Rafael Sanabria (Alebrijes et Mascaras), Miguel Bolívar Salgado (Alebrijes et Mascaras), Irving Mondragón Laguna (Alebrijes et Mascaras) and Pedro Ortega Lozano (Papel Picado) provided training in manual techniques for mask making, papercutting and the creation of Alebrijes, all of which are integral to Mexico’s artistic world and ancestral traditions.

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The courses are accessible to all:

This training is intended for heads of community associations, teachers, activity centre managers, ambassadors and all persons in positions of mediation, who can then carry out small or large projects in their structure, district or town. The public is also invited to enrol.


Eldorado presentations during major events, celebrations and exhibitions in Lille, the Lille Eurodistrict and the Hauts-de-France Region!

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 Amauri : @artsumex

 Miguel : @mibodesign

 Irving : @irving_zancudaxo

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