ELDORADO - lille3000 / 27 AVR › 01 DEC 2019



As for each of its editions, lille3000 launched the Eldorado festivities with an opening parade.

On May 04th 2019, the programme featured: a Mexican voyage in dance and music, with floats and costumes, taking us through Mexico City, Oaxaca and Puebla, cities that symbolise this multifaceted country.

A parade inspired by the country’s great festivals, processions and customs, “El Dia de los muertos” or the Puebla parade – its artists and icons – Frida Kahlo or Diego Rivera, La Catrina or the Alebrijes – or its popular traditions – mariachis, bandas, masks and carnival costumes!).

Art Point M orchestrated this eclectic and exceptional celebration, alongside Sylvain Groud, artistic director of the Ballet du Nord – CCN
Roubaix, Hervé Brisse, music coordinator, Arnaud Van Lancker of the Cie of the Tire-Laine and with the participation of Romain Greco from Mexico City.

It brung together the music schools, concert bands and conservatories of Lille, Lille Métropole and the Hauts-de-France Region as well as the participants of several casting calls organised from November 2018.


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