Get out your treasure map because more than 50 exhibitions lie in wait for you to discover.

At the Tripostal, at the Gare Saint Sauveur as well as in many partner venues in the Lille Eurodistrict and the Hauts-de-France Region. Explore the many themes of Eldorado: myth, conquest, utopia, voyage, migration, space and nature.

Notably featuring:


27 APRIL > 01 SEPTEMBER 2019

The flagship of lille3000, the Tripostal unfolds the great story of Eldorado through a myriad of contemporary works of art borrowed from the four corners of the globe, with more than 40 artists on display. It divides into three chapters, one for each of the building’s three floors: Dream Worlds, The Rush, The New Eldorados.

Artists: Martine Aballéa, Adel Abdessemed, Francis Alÿs, Korakrit Arunanondchai, Babi Badalov, Gilles Barbier, Hicham Berrada, Stefan Brüggemann, Jules De Balincourt, Cao Fei, Till Gerhard, Rodney Graham, Ren Hang, Duane Hanson, Alfredo Jaar, Mike Kelley, Maria Kourkouta, Christopher Kulendran Thomas, Yayoi Kusama, Ibrahim Mahama, Teresa Margolles, Ryan McGinley, Jonathan Monk, Anne et Patrick Poirier, Younès Rahmoun, Peter Stämpfli, Superflex, Claire Tabouret, Thukral & Tagra, Wang Wei, Marnie Weber, Hank Willis Thomas, Liu Xiaodong, Yuyang Wang, Chen Zhen, Qiu Zhijie.
Curators: Jérôme Sans, Jean-Max Colard, with Isabelle Bernini.

The Green Goddess

27 APRIL > 03 NOVEMBER 2019

Establishing a parallel between the forms of art and the forms of nature, the exhibition adopts the playful form of a vast greenhouse recreated in the Gare Saint Sauveur.

Artists: Gwladys Alonzo, Maria José Argenzio, Carolina Caceydo, Mariana Castillo Deball, Chelsea Culprit, Dewar & Gicquel, Naomi Fisher , Galerie Rezeda, Cristóbal Gracia, David Gumbs, Cynthia Gutiérrez, Renaud Jerez, Lake Verea, Engel Leonardo, Lucile Littot, Caroline Mesquita, Miguel Penha, Calixto Ramírez Correa, María Sosa, Fabiola Torres-Alzaga, Clémence Seilles.
Curator: Dorothée Dupuis.

Alongside the exhibition, rediscover the Urban Farm, a large above-ground vegetable garden in the heart of the city. This urban farm is part of a collaborative project involving City of Lille, the Maison Régionale de l’Environnement et des Solidarités (MRES, Regional Centre for the Environment and Solidarity), nature associations, volunteer gardeners and local residents.

Golden Room

27 APRIL > 02 SEPTEMBER 2019

Treasure trove or Ali Baba’s cave: the mythical place of all Eldorados sought by all gold hunters.

Artists: :mentalKLINIK, Mircea Cantor, Kendell Geers, Thomas Lélu, Olga De Amaral.
Curators: Jérôme Sans and Jean-Max Colard, with Isabelle Bernini.

Mathias Kiss

27 APRIL 2019 > 10 JANUARY 2020

At the juncture of painting, sculpture and architecture, Mathias Kiss develops a reflection on the deconstruction of classical heritage. His work dissolves barriers between art and craftsmanship. On the occasion of lille3000’s new theme of Eldorado, the artist proposes an installation at the Palais des Beaux-Arts that evokes the sky and space. It opens the site to the outside and the light, thus inciting us to dream of endless possibility.

Artist: Mathias Kiss.
Curator: Régis Cotentin.

Once upon a time there was an artist

20 SEPTEMBER 2019 > 06 JANUARY 2020

From the Middle Ages, when the painter and sculptor were still only craftsmen, up to the present day, the artist has dreamed of finding a place in the sun. To achieve this, over the centuries, artists have built up an incredible strategy of social elevation, enabling them to create freely while living alongside the rich and powerful.

From Albrecht Dürer to Wim Delvoye, Jacques-Louis David, Edouard Manet, Jeff Koons and Marina Abramovic, the exhibition tells the story of the construction of a myth, that of the artisan who wished to be immortal.

General curator: Bruno Girveau.
Scientific committee: Delphine Rousseau and Régis Cotentin with Clémentine Delplancq.


27 APRIL > 30 AUGUST 2019

An exhibition presenting the collections of the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City, organised around three themes:

– Land and Freedom: Among the myths that still shape the Mexican imagination today, the 1910 Revolution is one of the most powerful.

– Body to Body: Throughout the twentieth century, the portrait exalted certain identity-related values that deeply marked the sensibility of the Mexican public.

– Dreams incarnated: The permanence of archaic rites and the influence of surrealism ensured good fortune for the metamorphoses of the unconscious through images.

Artists: Ignacio Aguirre, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Lola Alvarez Bravo, Manuel Álvarez Bravo, José Raúl Anguiano, Nahum Bernabé Zenil, Julio Castellanos, José Chávez Morado, Olga Costa, José Chávez Morado, Jose Clemente Orozco, Pablo Ortiz Monasterio, Xavier Esqueda, Héctor García, Xavier Guerrero, Juan Guzman, Graciela Iturbide, Frida Khalo, Daniel Lezama, Pablo López Luz, Francisco Mata Rosas, Tina Modotti, Pablo Ortiz Manasteiro, Ricardo Martinez, Alice Rahon, Diego Rivera, Ione Robinson, Manuel Rodriguez Lozano, Rosa Rolando Covarrubias, Rufino Tamayo, German Venegas, Francisco Toledo, German Venegas, Alfonso X. Pena.
Curator: Sylvia Navarrete Bouzard.

US-Mexico Border

27 APRIL > 28 JULY 2019

40 contemporary artists explore the border as a physical reality (place), subject (imagination) and potential place of production and solution (possibility). They are designers, sculptors, painters, photographers and architects and come from both sides of the Mexican-American border.
This exhibition was originated by the Craft & Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles, California as part of Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, a far-reaching and ambitions exploration of Latin American and Latino art in dialogue with Los Angeles.

Artists: Pilar Agüero Esparza, Tanya Aguiñiga, Haydee Alonso, Alejandra Anton Honorato, Judith Baca, Guillermo Bert, Elvira Bessudo, Raquel Bessudo, Margarita Cabrera, Cristina Celis, Julio Cesar Morales, Tricia Creasson-Valencia, Cognate Collective, Einar de la Torre et Jamex de la Torre, Jorge Diego Etienne, Hector Dionicio Mendoza, Adrian Esparza, Andrés Fonseca, Guillermo Galindo, Rupert Garcia, Consuelo Jimenez Underwood, La metropolitana, Lorena Lazard, Andrés Lhima, Pablo López Luz, Viviana Paredes, G.T. Pellizzi, Ray Smith, Marcos Ramirez ERRE, Betsabeé Romero, Zinna Rudman, Mauricio Saenz, Rael San Fratello, Eduardo Sarabia, Agnes Seebass, Alfredo Durante. 
Curator: Ana Elena Mallet, with Lowery Stokes Sims.

Visualizing Language : Oaxaca in L.A.

27 APRIL > 30 AUGUST 2019

Famous for their immense murals, the Tlacolulokos collective, named after their hometown of Tlacolula in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico, focus on local social topics that connect to universal sociocultural issues and highlight their own indigenous origins.

Artists: Tlacolulokos.

Curiosidad, the collections of the Mexican Museum of Popular Art of Mexico

27 APRIL > 13 JULY 2019

Drawn from the collections of the Mexican Museum of Popular Art, these objects relate to traditional Mexican culture and the Mexican imagination, bearing the strong imprint of biodiversity, whether real or imagined.

Curators: Walther Boelsterly and Judith Pargamin.

Casa Loca

27 APRIL > 28 JULY 2019

The Maison Folie Moulins is transformed into a genuine Casa Loca. In the Mini-Lab, workshops will produce alebrijes, maracas, masks and many other typical Mexican objects. On the exterior, there will be many artistic installations as well as a fresco by Tlacolulokos, while Mexican gastronomy and papel picado will set up in the courtyard to lure in the curious public to discover Mexican culture.

Artists: Tlacolulokos.

Les Enfants du Paradis

24 APRIL > 26 AOÛT 2019

Testifying to the genuine richness and renewal of contemporary painting, the exhibition invites visitors to embark on a journey of unprecedented pictorial explorations, between enchantments and disenchantments, lost illusions and new ecstasies.

Artists: Dan Attoe, Hernan Bas, Jules de Balincourt, Romain Bernini, Guillaume Bresson, Nina Childress, Jérémy Demester, Kaye Donachie, Tim Eitel, Till Gerhard, Eberhard Havekost, Tomas Ochoa, Li Qing, Pierre Seinturier, Claire Tabouret, Ida Tursic & Wilfred Mille, Iris Van Dongen.
Commissariat : Jérôme Sans, Jean-Max Colard, avec Isabelle Bernini.
Curators: Jérôme Sans and Jean-Max Colard, with Isabelle Bernini.

Betsabeé Romero

24 APRIL > 26 JULY 2019

The exhibition is an opportunity to discover the artistic practices of this international artist. Between objects of exploitation, beliefs, legends and history, Betsabeé Romero transports us into an ancestral and contemporary Mexico through installations that are by turns monumental or more intimate.

Julien Salaud, Jungle et Sentiment

25 APRIL > 18 AOÛT 2019

For Eldorado, Le Colysée in Lambersart will transform into a neo-Aztec temple. True poetic manifesto, the Jungle and Sentiment exhibition is also a community project based on the exchange of knowledge and craft practices around the artist’s imagination and his vision of the Eldorado. Volunteers, students and artists gathered around a simple principle: “I take care of what I love”, releasing the almost sacred links between man and nature.
Participate in the creation of the artwork!

Alberto Giacometti, a Modern Adventure

13 MARCH > 11 JUNE 2019

Nearly 150 works are gathered together to immerse the visitor in a novel journey through the founding myths of the history of modern art. Alberto Giacometti’s slender and fragile sculptures forming silhouettes of men and women, sometimes immobile and sometimes depicted in a walking or falling movement, are now etched into our collective imagination.

An exhibition-event presented in collaboration with the Giacometti Foundation, Paris.
Curators: Catherine Grenier and Sébastien Delot, with Christian Alandete and Jeanne-Bathilde Lacourt.

The Algerian Spring at La Piscine

FROM 09 MARCH 2019

In 2019, the Musée de La Piscine will programme an exhibition dedicated to the artistic figures of Algeria.


27 MARCH > 22 JULY 2019

The largest exhibition in France ever dedicated to Homer, the author of The Iliad and The Odyssey, the two famous epics upon which of all Western culture is founded.

Curators: Alain Jaubert, Alexandre Farnoux, Vincent Pomarède and Luc Piralla, with Alexandre Estaquet-Legrand.

Gigantism, Art and Industry

04 MAY 2019 > 05 JANUARY 2020

GIGANTISM is a completely novel initiative: the creation of a new triennial in Europe. An exhibition of sculptures, designer furniture, films, scale models, paintings and other forms of utopia showcases the remarkable creativity that has resulted from collaborations between artists, engineers and architects since the second half of the twentieth century.

Proposed by the Frac Grand Large – Hauts-de-France and Laac – Musée De France
Artistic directors: Keren Detton, Géraldine Gourbe, Grégory Lang and Sophie Warlop.

LE MUMO 2 (Musée Mobile)

27 APRIL > 15 SEPTEMBER 2019

The MuMo Eldorado exhibition will be a dialogue between the Eldorado of yesterday with its myths (conquest, the gold rush, sunken cities, treasure maps, etc.) and the Eldorado of tomorrow, which connects to current events (Europe and migration from Africa for example).

Artists: Guglielmo Achille Cavellini, Bouchra Khalili, Teresa Margolles, Hans Op De Beeck, Danh Vo.
Currator: Ingrid Brochard, fondatrice du Musée Mobile, en coopération avec le CNAP, le Frac Grand Large Hauts-de-France et des mondes dessinés Frac Picardie.

The Travelling Planetarium

09 MAY > 26 OCTOBER 2019

On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of Man’s first step on the Moon, the Departmental Forum of Sciences of Villeneuve d’Ascq invites us to live or relive this historic moment. For six months, a travelling planetarium will criss-cross the city and its hinterland to immerse local residents in the world of space conquest.


  • Eldorado at Lasécu, Lille
  • Vista Meridional #3 at Centre d’Art Sacré, Lille
  • Format à l’Italienne 10 at l’Espace Le Carré, Lille
  • María Isabel Rueda at l’Espace Pignon, Lille
  • Thierry Mordant at la Mairie de Quartier du Centre, Lille
  • Benoit Paillé, Surreal Mexico at Anciennes Écuries, Roncq
  • Les Yeux d’Argos, Illusions at la Maison Folie La Ferme d’En Haut, Villeneuve d’Ascq
  • Dulce Pinzón, Super Héros at la Corderie, Marcq-En-Barœul
  • Hugo Laruelle, À l’Orée at La Corderie, Marcq-en-Barœul
  • Les Détonador at Fort de Mons, Mons-en-Barœul
  • Les Fenêtres qui Parlent Eldorado in the Lille and Métropole neighborhoods
  • Chimères de l’Ailleurs au Bureau d’Art et de Recherche, Roubaix
  • Art Textile Contemporain du Mexique at la Manufacture, Roubaix
  • Téo Hernandez / Jean-Charles Hue at L’Espace Croisé, Roubaix
  • Trésors et Motifs at la maison Folie Hospice d’Havré, Tourcoing
  • Youssef Nabil at L’Institut du Monde Arabe, Tourcoing
  • Exposition des photographies de l’agence spatiale européenne, Mouvaux  
  • Exposition des photographies de l’agence spatiale européenne, Sequedin…

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